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The Problem

Life can be very unpredictable. Sometimes, even the most upstanding citizens can find themselves in a legal quandary. Let’s not assume that legal coverage is only for people who do business or people who often get in trouble with the law. Do you own a home? Do you own a car? Have you ever signed a leasing agreement? Have you ever signed a contract for a job? Have you ever had a traffic violation? If you answered yes to any of the following questions, then chances are you would have been in a better position if you had legal coverage. Even if things went your way in those situations, who is to say things will go according to plan in the future? Why risk it and not get legal protection?


These days, ordinary citizens are unexpectedly finding themselves in harms way and without legal coverage, most of the time. That is a problem. Do not wait until to you find yourself in an arduous situation with the law before you think about getting legal coverage. Be proactive and work with Community Coverage to ensure you are covered; so that you (and your family) can move forward in life as stress-free as possible.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Community Coverage to get as many Americans affordable legal coverage as possible, with the purpose of creating a larger legally equipped community.

Our Partner Organization

Community Coverage has partnered with LegalShield to make the possibility of affordable legal coverage more widespread. Our partner organization, LegalShield, has been offering affordable and quality legal services to Americans for over 40 years. Currently, LegalShield now serves almost 1.5 million families in both the United States and Canada. Instead of paying over $300 an hour for legal advice/services via the traditional legal route, LegalShield’s vast network of  law firms provide members solutions to their inquiries for as low as $25 a month. With this affordable legal coverage, members can call their local LegalShield partner law firm to get legal advice on issues ranging from the trivial to very serious, with calls between members and their lawyers confidential.


LegalShield’s dedication to creating a system which provides its customers an inexpensive but valuable service in legal coverage made them the perfect partner for Community Coverage. To learn more about LegalShield and its history, please click the button below.